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Dubai Desert Safari

The popular Arabian company has been proposed crazy ride of the desert safari deals. This desert ride is all about fun, pleasure, adventure by riding numerous sand hills. They are offering high-end dune bashing ride and tour within the all middle desert safari; moreover, the organization gets tourist take the glimpse of comprehensive safari ride and also make tourists take photos all around safari ride.  Tourists can take all fun to stay in the camp with pleasure trip in the heart of the wide land area in the desert to experience the adventure of desert together with camel ride.

Dubai desert safari
Dubai desert safari

People can take all exciting pleasure of rich and super exciting traditional fun with the popular meal of Boofa that do serve with soft drinks and drinks people ask for. Basically, the maximum area of Arab emirates includes in the Arabian Desert, although the hottest one desert of Dubai is known as the largest one throughout the world. Let me ensure you a fact about desert safari dubai and entertainment deals of Dubai trip will never let you forget this super amazing yet exciting trip. It is impossible to brief the adventurous yet super exciting trip of Dubai Desert Safari due to uncountable deals of entertainment, as the world knows the attraction and super deluxe class tour of Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari has proposed among the most famous excursion globally due to offer the ultimate exciting blend of activities or deals for tourists. With the modern culture and super esteemed groundwork, the ancient Arabic civilizations have compiled up together to make tour one of the stunning Dubai desert safari tour combines with ultimate astonishing natural and man-made architectural features.

Dubai Desert Safari Deals Includes:

  • Camel riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Arabic Style Camping Area
  • Desert safari (Hummer & overnight)
  • Photography at Sunset
  • Buffet Dinner BBQ including non-veg/veg
  • Arabic dress photography
  • Hubily bubbly unlimited facilities
  • Pick & drop facilities
  • Sand boarding
  • Tanoura Show
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Jet Ski tour
  • Dhow Dubai Cruise Dinner
  • Hatta Mountain Safari and too much more in the list.

Desert Safari Dubai is for tourism enthusiastic:

All the crazy tourist out there, do you want to miss the off-road vehicle drive madly in the widespread hot desert? I hope no want to miss this gold valued chance. The most popular tourists’ attraction activity is the riding of the heavy off-road vehicle, to flaunt and drift the vehicle in the sand dunes and explore the crazy person within you.  The ultra-gleaming atmosphere with the heterogeneous scene of desert sunset experience with outclass yummy Arabic cuisine is one of the dreams of every tourist life and for sure for every person with the heart in it.

The splendor of desert make everyone fall in love with the camel ride for kids and the beautiful art of belly dance right in the desert in the glistening sand and high up charming stars will surely mesmerize you in the magic of desert. For all new campers out there are highly recommended to experience red dunes camping  in desert safari dubai.


This off-road adventure takes you from the bustle of Dubai to the desert of gold sand dunes. You’ll travel to the desert from your pick up area in a luxury 4WD and reach there in about 45 mins. Then next, the roller coaster ride known as desert driving (dune bashing) will begin, where you’ll laugh and shriek with excitement as the car goes down and up the dunes.

Dubai Desert Safari

Rich history, golden dunes of sand, and exploring countless facilities and activities at Desert of Dubai is all about Dubai desert safari, people have the great opportunity to explore super gorgeous activities, fun, pleasant moments and beautiful charm of Dubai desert safari deals.

About Desert Safari Dubai

You have the golden chance to explore the beauty of the golden dubai desert, numerous exciting activities in the vast ocean of sand, lots more entertainment packages in the mid desert to make you relax and pleasing. The luxurious land cruiser will take you for the ride towards the Dubai desert and camping area where you will explore countless colors of entertainment, fun and most important with all types of amenities there.

Desert Safari Dubai is the tourist plan offering remarkable experiences and moments for all their tourists to practice in this tour. You can get the chance to experience the beautiful sunset up from the high dunes of sands also people can witness the darkness of evening and night battle quietly with the stubborn daylights. The beautiful dark sky with full of shining stars has been the greatest moments of tourist’s life, but when the dark sky is witnessed from the vast desert has doubled the attraction of that moment. Beautiful Arabic cousin and a BBQ dinner will surely give you the pleasure of paradise, the camping in the desert with superb dance performances by belly dancers along with several refreshments and Hookah will make your tour grand.

Comfort drive, relaxing cushioning, colorful tent’s atmosphere and much more will never let you forget this tour ever. Countless super exciting activities, several Arabic riding types, henna painting, Arabic culture and too much other stuff will never let you feel full with these striking activities.

What to expect from Dubai Desert Safari?

  • You will get the opportunity to explore and admire golden red dunes of sand and beautiful sceneries also
  • Amazing ride in the gorgeous and safe land cruiser all across red sand dunes of desert
  • You have the chance to feel that you are a king of desert while riding on camel and entertaining yourself to several activities at desert camping area with emperor style Arabic cuisine and refreshment
  • You will get chance to get closer to Arabic culture and Arabic heritage and feel yourself an Arabic highness by having shisha and get fun of several live dance performances
  • Throughout the tour, you will feel yourself all safe and very comfortable as the tourist’s guides will be with you all across the tour to make sure that you will practice complete entertainment with complete safety measures

Reviews and overview about desert safari

Desert safari dubai has been the most recommendable and ideal tour for all the visitors and tourists, as the visitors have highly admired the gorgeous scenery all across the red sand dunes like the beautiful sunset and night. Some visitors have appreciated the best system of desert camping where they enjoyed most pleasurable activities, dance shows, delicious dinner etc.

Exclusive Desert Safari Deals

Several tourists and visitors have cherished the affordable desert safari deals and packages offering in evening safari dubai, people can select the perfect deal and package according to their ease, convenience, and affordability.  The major formula of setting the reasonable cost of the tour package is offering the opportunity to all people to visit, explore and entertain by the super exciting and lovely tour deals and packages.

Dubai City Tours

UAE city tours are the revolutionary addition of desert safari dubai, rich culture and historical architectural buildings now transformed into modern era art are the real font that should visit. The tour of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is the best attraction and accommodation with live nightly shows and live belly performances. These city tours are the great tourist’s ideas, especially for new married couples, children’s parties and romantic tours for all lovely couples. People may get great opportunity to explore exciting activities and several famous safari tour stuff.

Morning, Evening and Overnight Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari Dubai has contained diverse deals and packages like morning, evening and overnight desert safari deals, especially for the family tours as per their convenience and hours. The basic fascinating area of desert safari is the morning desert safari for around 3 to 4 hours, evening desert safari for convenient hours and packages. Overnight desert safari is a great deal by Dubai desert safari tour with the Arab heritage, culture, and cuisine.

Best Desert Safari Deals

Cruises are the supreme highlight of desert safari, Dubai creek cruise dinner, marina cruise dinner and Musandam dippa Oman are the great chance for all couples to have a great romantic dinner and the best date along with several gorgeous sceneries around. Dubai marina dhow cruise dinner is the great chance for all young peoples and couples to through amazing and surprise dinner with the bright colors of scenes from the cruise.

Exclusive Highlights of Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Live shows and performances
  2. BBQ and Arabic cuisine dinner with Arabic refreshment
  3. Henna painting
  4. Dune driving, quad biking and other activities
  5. Ride on a camel
  6. Snacks with countless soft drinks, tea, coffee, kahwa and Arabic dates etc.
  7. Thrilling exciting activities

Basic services for entertainment

Arabic heritage camping with several amenities for all tourists and visitors, you can explore the Arabic culture so closely at dubai desert safari.