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+971-55-9592111 info@dreamnighttours.ae

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Some people love manmade places and some people love nature displayed places like you can spend a night in a lavish room with all the luxurious facilities available to you or for one time you want to spend your night under the naked sky covered stars shining like diamonds on a black sheet.

Our Arabian night safari can provide you such fabulous experience with all the basic facilities in place to spend such kind of night stay by looking at wonderful display of nature in front of your eyes. Away from city and its noisy environment in a place where silence of night falls in with the beauty of golden sand around you in a chilling environment. You can bring your cameras and tripods to capture this beauty of nature at night. All basic necessities will be available i.e blanket, sleeping bag and bathrooms.

You will be able to capture the breath taking moments of sunrise with your cameras. If you planning to go for staying a night in camp then you must bring your towels and other basic toiletries with you but do not carry big bags as there is limited space available in vehicles. It is also recommended to leave all your electronic devices at your home/hotel as there is no availability of electrical plugs in the camp.

The whole concept of spending a night in desert is to keep yourself away from regular activities and let yourself enjoy the sounds of winds in the chilling night of desert and praise the beauty of nature by staying in it with its own conventional environment.

Overnight safari is the extension to evening safari as after completing dinner, traditional dances and all other activities, all other guests will leave the camp and you will be left alone under the shining sky along with your bags and blankets and next morning drivers will come and pick you up for dropping back at your hotels. All safety measurements will be assured before you are left to enjoy this adventurous night in the desert.

It is recommended to not go to the farther sides of camp as you have enough place for taking pictures around you in night. The next day in morning you will be waking up to a luscious breakfast served to you by the staff with items like Tea/Coffee, toast, butter/jam, egg and juice. After this you will be guided to your designated vehicles and make sure you carry and check all your luggage with you while leaving the camp.